About Us

Glen White Memorial Funeral Home is located at 255 Franklin Street in Uniontown, Alabama. We can be
reached by simply dialing 334-628-4911. Our fax number is 334-628-4910.  Our staff consists of three
licensed morticians and six licensed funeral directors.  We understand that death can occur suddenly and
some families may experience financial difficulties.  Therefore, we offer plans for every family budget no
matter how LARGE or small.

At Glen White Memorial Funeral Home we are INNOVATIVE, in honoring the life and legacy of your loved
one by providing special tributes that help celebrate the personality and talents of your love one, such as a
customized memorial DVD and a Memorial Tribute Blanket.  At Glen White Memorial Funeral Home we are
COMMITTED, to caring for your love one and pride ourselves in offering the very best in the funeral

Moreover, we are a funeral home of DISTINCTION, CLASS & ELEGANCE.  We are not claiming to be
the oldest or largest funeral facility in West Central Alabama but we are SMALL enough to appreciate  your
business and young and experienced enough to render untiring service.

We service all burial and insurance policies and on most insurances we are able to issue the balance of your
policy within a few days. This program allows families to take care of other businesses related to planning
a funeral.

For  Honest, Sympathetic and Dependable Services give us a call at 334-628-4911.